How to make good Use of the Lingerie in Your Closet

Lingerie is certainly an item that is worth having in your closet. It is great for several reasons, many of which we already know. However, great lingerie does not tend to come by cheap and even worse, it can be a very addicting splurge.

A reason for this can be many of us tend to buy lingerie for special occasions. Or when we visit a partner for fear of it being obvious that we are repeating the item. While this is understandable, it is also financially straining. So here are a few tips to consider the next time you want to buy lingerie online in Canada or buy lingerie in Canada stores.

Combinations, a great way to spice up an older item in any closet is to accessorize. The same goes for lingerie. For items like bodysuit lingerie, try adding a nice pair of stockings or hair accessories to your look. This gives your older lingerie a completely new feel. A great way to do this is to buy less shiny colors such as orange, green, etc. and go for bolder but nondescript colors like red, black and navy blue.

A fear is that sexy lingerie is only able to be used once due to how memorable it can be. Try adding ribbons or corsets to your bra and pant sets. Or mixing and matching those set to form other bold looks. Remember the great thing about lace is that it makes everything look like a complete set.

Cut it. if you got a very old chemise or bodysuit try cutting off the abdomen piece and wearing it as a bralette or bra, match it with your panties and voila a new erotic lingerie set.

Wear it in cycles, if your fear is that it will be a noticed repetition. Wearing the lingerie, you already have in cycles will help eliminate that problem for you. That means spending less on buying erotic lingerie in Canada and still looking just as fabulous while getting the best for your buck!

These are not only penny savers but also a great and fulfilling way to spend your free time. Have fun re-inventing looks!

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