Five things to avoid doing in the bedroom; sexy time Faux Pas.

Sex can be fun, and a source of intimacy for some. It is widely practiced, even though that’s not what your youth group leader will have you believe and it is rewarding when done right. There are many misconceptions that surround the act itself, including what is considered sex.

That being said, there are many ways to receive and give pleasure, some are welcome and others not so much. Believe it or not, wearing erotic lingerie won’t always get you laid. In fact, there are certain things that could turn your prospective or passed partners off. Here are 5 things to avoid doing in the bedroom.

Not communicate. A lot of people believe that talking to your partner during sex is weird, lame or uncomfortable. But the truth is verbal and non-verbal communication is key to having a great experience with your partner. From the safety of establishing consent to the reward of pleasure from expressing what you want. Communication during sex is vital.

Not establishing the premise. Parties involved should always know what they are getting into, and positions should be made clear in respectful ways. Is your relationship one that requires the exit after sex or staying for more conversation or intimacy. This is important so that both parties are not left feeling awkward or insulted.

Lack of Consent, while this is addressed in communication it is important to establish its own category. Consent is a continuous process, that doesn’t end with the agreement for sexual intercourse. Incorporating kinks and fetishes also require consent, from spanking, dirty talking, role-playing, and anal. Consent should always be received.

Dirty sheets or room. More of a common phenomenon in hookups or well-rooted relationships. Dirty sheets or environment is an unsanitary turnoff. Not only is it disrespectful to your partner, but it also makes you look bad. Definite no go.

Not using protection. Insisting on not using protection is another ill-advised move. While trusted partners from time to time go without protection. It is always a good idea to use protection regardless of the level of relationship and insisting on not using protection is a very prominent red flag.

Have you ever experienced one of these, or something else? let me know!

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