Cop and Criminal

If you are wondering what roleplay ideas you can live out in your bedroom, the cop and criminal is one that is tried and true and just as effective as ever. If you are looking to play out this fantasy, here are some tips for making it super exciting.

Get into Costume

Of course, you can always pretend you are a plainclothes detective, but the fantasy will be better if the partner who is imitating the cop dresses up. Fortunately, all you really need for that cop look is a hat and a badge. From there, you can wear whatever sexy lingerie turns you on.

Play Out the Sex Role Play Ideas

You can be in trouble for anything from robbery to fraud or just for being too sexy! But once you are caught in the act, you are at the mercy of the arresting officer. He or she can use handcuffs to restrain you, a baton to punish you and other devices as you see fit.

This is a terrific crossover fantasy as BDSM can be incorporated opening doors for more adventures in that realm.

Once the handcuffs are on, the ‘cop’ can exert complete control over their partner as a way to punish them for being a bad, bad, boy or girl.

And remember, it doesn’t have to be the man that is the cop. A woman can be the cop as well. This is a sexy role play turn that many couples will find quite erotic.

Now that you have some ideas for how to play out your cop and criminal roleplay ideas, you can take it wherever you’d like. Just be sure not to lose the key to the handcuffs!

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